Our portfolio of businesses

A conglomerate of businesses in industries as diverse as digital marketing, media, legal, finance, recruitment, outsourcing and technology.

About Atechy Group

Atechy Group is the holding company to eight sub companies built with strong foundations and even stronger people to ensure sustainable and consistent execution throughout the groups activities.

Atechy Technologies

We love to build industry disrupting technology. Our innovations build brands, shape markets, improve products and create solutions.

Atechy Digital

We help businesses to transform, harnessing all media channels to stay ahead of the competition and get real results.

Atechy Media

We ensure your message is delivered to the right people. Whether it's seeking new clients or investors, gaining more credibility or even recruiting your dream talent, we can build you a strategy and deliver on a campaign that will fit your business needs.

Atechy People

We are an innovative recruitment partner to your business. We operate with agility and diversity which has enabled us to stand out and more importantly stay price competitive in today's saturated market.

Atechy Outsourcing

We employ the talent so you don't have to. Our easy to use freelancing platform allows you to tap in, find and hire staff for as long or as little as you need. Whether it's a graphic designer, content writer or even a full stack software developer, we have your end to end requirements covered.

Atechy Property

We specialise in buying any residential or commercial property within as little as seven days. We have taken an already established business model, added a layer of clever AI and created a streamlined profitable property buying and selling platform.

Atechy Finance

We will bridge the gap.  Offering short term bridging loans for various needs including VAT, R&D claims and property.